There is always a one

Are you facing a challenge?

Do you always get unsuccessful and unhappy day?

Do suitors come and go like the down pour of rain?

Are you about to give up on God because your prayers are not answered?

Do you want to terminate life because of unsuccessful job hunting?

What about unsuccessful projects?

The good news is that “There is always a one”.

Yes, “There Is Always a One” good day out of the lot bad days meant to change your story.

“There Is Always a One” challenge that is meant to push you out of your comfort zone to a better comfortable zone.

“There Is Always a One” perfect suitor meant for you so don’t feel sad just because all the guys or ladies you hoped will always be there for you are all going like you don’t even exist.

Your hunt for job has never been successful and you think you are not lucky? Wao! Ask Bill Gates how he was pushed to start his own initiative after being denied a job.

Don’t give up on the project you keep on failing with, why? Because Edison after thousands of times of failure was able to bring out the very one thing he had failed to produce (bulb) a hundred times.

You think you are the only one whose prayer seems unheard? No, no, no, there are many others in the same shoe with you.

Do you think you are unlucky with examination? There is a one for you keep on keeping on.

Don’t just stop praying about the child you want to have just because its looks as if God cannot hear you anymore; there is always a one prayer left to be said.

Don’t just retire yet because there is a one good day coming, just one more attempt, and even another one. Just a one more letter or call, just a one more.

Every successful man was one an unsuccessful dreamer who failed at a point in time and almost gave up but didn’t.

Always know that “There Is Always a One” in everything and every situation.

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This piece is to inform Hon. Naa Moale (former MP for Dade Kotopon) to retract his claim that there is no Holy Spirit in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana which he made on Nana Yaw Kesse of Piece fm (104.3)’s show (the “Platform”) and as a member, I don’t take it lightly and would like him to use same platform to apologies to all Presbyterians in this country and beyond.
The former MP on a program hosted by Mr. Yaw Kesse called “The Platform” (the 25th May, 2017 version) said the “Holy Spirit in PCG is dead and there is no Holy Spirit working in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana” which is far from the truth. Of course he is entitled to his opinion but he has no right to malign the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. Mr. Kesse asked him and he insisted on that nonfactual articulation.
I was born a Presbyterian and have been a Presbyterian for over thirty years and have been into deliverance/spiritual ministrations since the age of 16 whiles I was in the Junior Youth (a group in the PCG) and still am. My senior brother as well as my junior brother Asiedu Gyawu Paul and Kingzlove Philemon are also Presbyterians and are all into deliverance ministry so I can boldly tell him he is wrong with that fact.
Now these are but a few of people who I can boldly say are into deliverance ministry; Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, Cat. Abooffei, Samuel Larbi-Gyimah, Rev. Seth Ofosu Asamani, Rev. Awuku-Gyampo, Rev. Gilbert Nugbah, Cat. Ramsford Akyea and many, many Ministers, Evangelists, Catechists and the many individuals who are vessels through whom the Holy Spirit manifests almost every day. This list is the minutest of the percentage of the number of spiritual individuals in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. Now to talk of sound teachings and all the other gifts of the Holy Spirit, you can find them in the PCG.
How does he feel when someone says something about him or his party that is not true?
He must know that not only is he talking against the PCG but the Holy Spirit himself and must use the same platform and any other platform possible to apologies to the PCG and the Holy Spirit. This piece is not to raise the anger of the members of PCG against him but he must apologies and make sure it will never be repeated. Not only him but to all politicians who do same must desist from such behaviours. I wouldn’t seek his punishment because he can never stand if a word of prayer is said against him but I rather have said a word of prayer for him that the merciful Lord should have mercy on him. There are Presbyterians in his party and I ask him to enquire from them how the Holy Spirit moves in our services.
The PCG remains the Oldest, Progressive and Sustaining Spiritual Church in Ghana and nothing will change, the truth will always be said by Presbyterians and so the earlier they accept the fact and change their attitude towards us, the better.
My platform is small as compared to his but I hope it will surely get to the concerned individuals involved for the necessary steps to be taken.


The media has become so powerful that one can use it to promote someone, something or a group of people and can use same to destroy.

A lot of bad lifestyles are learned from the media. As a writer, I can tell you that if you intend to write things that frown on negative things, it will take you much effort to get your stuff to a handful of people but post a negative thing and within five minutes, your post will reach about a hundred people.

One thing that needs to be addressed is the captions or headlines given to stories these days most especially by the newspaper houses. From my observations, I think the newspapers caption their stories to catch audience but when you dive into the story, you will find quiet something different from what the caption portrays.

This is really a canker that is germinating in a fast pace and I think it should be righted before it gets out of hands.

The media is meant to inform, educate and entertain the public on issues. Inform means to get the news to the people, educate means to let the people know the whole importance of the information given and to help the reader or listener make a good decision. Entertain means to help relieve people from too much boredom and tension but these qualities rather have given way to lies and promoting evil.

If you decide to be on the good side, the media will never promote you but pick the wrong side and in a minute or two, you are all over the waves. You will become the topic of the day if not the week, so many young people who want to be famous have resorted to the bad sides of life.

On the radios too, you will never hear of the good things people do. Even if you do, it is but a few, but the wrong things are given way to fly like the eagle. Not forgetting writers and bloggers, they also play part.

Kwame Sefa Kai has become a renowned radio morning show host because he tries to correct people giving information even though not all the time. Captain Smart is also another truthful journalist I love listening to; he will never let you put information out just like that but the truth, sometimes he goes overboard though.

Look at the likes of Anas, Kwasi Aboagye, Nana Ama Nhyira, Oheneba Ntim Barima among others. These people are doing great job but I think they need to do more. Information that goes out in the media can promote peace and good living and can as well promote the opposite.

Some media people have turned to stomach media fronts, extracting money from people to promote negative things, most especially from politicians. I know this message will be unpopular but the truth has to fly and at least a soul will bother to send to another soul and by God’s grace I know it will get to at least one journalist who is ready to change. Being unpopular with positive stuffs is far and far better than being popular with negative stuffs.






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Many have fallen because they always felt they were in a comfortable lead.

Be careful whenever you feel comfortable; always be on guard in all you do. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) felt they were in a “comfortable lead” before and during the 2016 general elections in Ghana until Madam Charlotte Osei, the Electoral Commissioner’s announcement surprised them.

Your opponents are always on guard, working tirelessly to pull you down and you are there feeling comfortable. I am not saying you shouldn’t have fun but I have always said that have fun but with wisdom and be on guard.

I went to work one morning and as I always do, I flush the unused W.C every morning before even scrubbing and when I opened the cover, I saw three mosquitoes comfortably resting in the bowl. One of them flew away leaving two who still thought they were in a comfortable lead with their resting, I flushed the water and those two mosquitoes dwelling in their comfortable lead, resting on the surface of the water due to surface tension were flushed together with the water.

Insects, due to surface tension can sit on water but if they get hit by something, they will eventually sink down the water, defiling the odds of the force of surface tension, so it is with us.

Being in the comfortable lead is just like the two mosquitoes I flushed in the W.C, don’t sit comfortably when you see danger coming. Don’t assume you are so powerful to withstand. Prophet Elijah, the man so powerful who slaughtered 450 priests of baal and 400 prophets of Asherah, a man who parted river Jordan with his cloak, a man who did many miracles run away from Jezebel when she threatened to kill him. Could Elijah not have killed her instead? He could have but Jezebel’s ministry had not come to an end and Elijah had to go for Elisha to take over so Elijah went away.

Sampson was in a comfortable lead whiles Delilah was shaving his hair, Daniel never eat the rich foods from the king’s kitchen, he ignored being comfortable for the future glory. Joseph saw a comfortable lead coming towards him and fled. Most successful people, who always maintain their success, do not dwell in comfortable states. They run away from them or dwell in them for a short while.

If you are in ministry or popular in anyway, be careful of the praise you get, they can make you lose focus and fall off the cliff.





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In a previous piece entitled: “PARENT”, I defined PARENT as “Pay-Attention-Rightly-Educating-Nurturing-Teaching” and another obligation of a parent is to love the children and equally.
Many ill-mannered, cruel people are so because they lacked the love of their parents. Good character and the bad all stem from the kind of treatment we inherit from infancy.
Some parents treat some children better than others and proportion their love in same manner, ask a divided family why they are divided and ninety five percent will be that their parents loved some better than others. Partiality mostly is learned from childhood and from parents (the first role models).
This message came about when I was praying for a friend who wanted children and God told me point blankly that, they will treat the younger children better than the older ones thus the delay in bearing.
It happened in a house I lived years ago where this couple had two boys and treated the younger one better than the older one. Any time they hear the younger child crying all they do is to insult or beat up the older one and so the older one always felt hated and began to pull himself from all of them and will always be in hiding or sitting alone somewhere. One day I came out of my room and saw him sitting somewhere and weeping quietly because they had acted mean against him earlier whereby he was innocent. Such a child may grow with hatred for both the parents and the brother.
We always say that Joseph’s brothers hated him because he was a star in the family, really? I see another aspect of that story. The Good Old Book says; “Joseph being seventeen years old, was pasturing the flock with the sons of his father‘s wives. And Joseph brought a bad report of them to their father. Now Israel (Jacob) loved Joseph more than any other of his sons, because he was the son of his old age. And he made him a robe of many colors. But when his brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers, they hated him and could not speak peacefully to him”. You see that the brothers hated him only because the father treated him better than the others. Esau and Jacob had issues because the father loved Esau and the mother loved Jacob, it ended into a bad family ties.
From infancy, my brothers and I always ate in the same bowl together, we shared our own meat or fish and so we never had issues with our parents. We all wore same style of cloth but sometimes different colors to separate our clothes from each other’s, used same bowl type but different colors and even had the same feeding fee. Although there are some little things each one of us benefited other than the others, our parents never showed liking one other than the others. Due to this, I sometimes miss eating with my brothers or doing things with them. We still tease (playfully) each other as we used to do because we have always had good relationship with each other.
People who knew us from infancy always thought we were twins due to the way we acted with each other and even played with our father as if our brother. Not only did we play with ourselves but treated all those who lived with us as a brother/sister and we still consider them as such just as they do.
If parents will love their children equally, hatred among family members will reduce. #KobinaAnsah, a writer recently twittered that “the love in a family is seen in the face of their maid” and I think he is right because if there’s love in a house, the house helps or those who live with the family will also be loved.
Love is a must for all children equally but not some, the hatred we see around are as a result of people feeling they are not loved.
I entreat us all, especially parents to love the children equally but not partially.

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Every single one of us here on earth is sentenced to the death penalty either natural or by accident.
We always talk about becoming successful, traveling abroad or to the village or hometown, sometimes about judgment day etc. but we always forget to talk about death which has a very vital role to play in our lives.
Your death can happen any moment from morning to the following morning either on bed, in the washroom, at the dining hall, on your way to work or school or on a journey, etc. you can be knocked down by a car when crossing the road, you can be chocked by food or water and die, you can be hit by a tree in the farm, you can die in prison, in the church, in the mosque, at the office, or in a plane crash, etc.
Death is inevitable and so we must all know that we can’t run away from death but one thing we must always ask ourselves at every point in time is; “if I should die now, where will my soul be”?
The good old book has said that “it is appointed unto man to die once and after death judgment”. The very moment you die starts your judgment day. You either go to heaven or hell.
We all have but one life to live and must be lived wisely, every second of time you spend determines your fate after this life. Believing in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior and doing the will of God takes you to heaven but following Satan, observing all the bad things life can offer will take you to hell.
At this very moment, ask yourself this question that “should the judgment happen now, where will I be”?
Live your life, my brother or sister as if there is no tomorrow. That is not to say don’t live a life but live it wisely, have fun but do it wisely, get married and love your partner, have kids and train them to be godly, build businesses and be truthful in your dealings. Do all with the intentions of being saved at heart.
To sum it all, you must always know that, death is inevitable.
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In my opinion, the perfect partners we all picture to have do not exist and it’s the painful truth.
I read a piece by Maryam Habu Shinga entitled “HUSBAND SCARCITY” and I loved the piece so much. It talked about the already made kind of guys ladies want as partners and another thing I have also realized is that, a lot of us are not ready to let go our shortcomings.
This piece was inspired by the kind of statuses on “whatsapp” and facebook that I read. Some goes like: “Loves says I have seen the ugly parts and I am staying”, “I don’t need the one who sees good in me but the one who sees the bad and still wants me”, “if you are not ready to embrace my ugly side then you are not worthy of my love”, etc. The issue is not about what we say but is; are we also willing to mend our ways, are we willing to go a little out of our circles? The other person is sacrificing to embrace all my shortcomings, why shouldn’t I also try to mend if I can’t change entirely?
The only thing that holds every good marriage together apart from the presence of God is “SACRIFICE”.
Love is all about sacrifice which is also reciprocated by same. You know your husband hate mini dresses, why don’t you try making it a little bit longer? Your wife has no one to talk to and all you do is to go out boozing with friends (sometimes females) or watching football and you leave her all by herself, where is the Love (SACRIFICE)?
In love, “hand go hand come”, it’s a “give and take” option not just take or give. I would rather be with the one who is not perfect but willing and doing everything possible to mend than to be with self-pity individual or self-righteous person. I am equally not perfect but willing and ready to let go some things to be with my partner than to see myself as a self-righteous being which I can never be.
Marriage is an institution which two imperfect people come together to form, where all are ready to sacrifice to its well-being. However, some sacrifices are not worth making. You can’t sacrifice for a guy whose interest is to have sex from your back, a lady who wants you to ignore the very hands that took care of you from childhood until now.
To end it all, just as you want your partner to sacrifice for you, you must as well try to mend your ways (SACRIFICE).






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Turning back hands of time is a fantasy that never happens ever in one’s life.
Many of us, instead of forgetting the past and pressing on to achieve something great in the future, we get stuck in thoughts of that past in which we failed in achieving a dream.
Time, no matter how short or long it had been spent can never ever happen or repeat itself again and even if it did, what is the assurance that you will succeed in the second chance.
There are people who repeated the same mistake they did in their first marriage or relationship or job opportunity which led to another breakup, what opportunity again do they need?
There’s an adage that goes like: “yafunu bƆne ennim sɛ m’asa”. So no matter how many times time repeats itself, we can never correct what is done because we tend to forget earlier than super…

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